Vape Accessories UK


In addition to our complete kits and great choices of leading e-liquids we also offer our customers great vape accessories to include e-cig atomizers, mods & batteries and tanks as well as high quality adaptors, cover caps and our ever-popular Wilsonsvapes branded hoodies. Our Golisi and Avatar batteries are designed to power specific kits and are available to order via our online store. Our high drain li-ion batteries are designed for maximum life and ideal for use with the kits you purchase from us. Because of features such as high capacity our Golisi batteries are perfect for use with the leading devices we have available. Our additional vape accessories also include the well-supported Wismec R40 510 adaptor to transform your R40 into a battery mod compatible with the tank of your choice, as well as the cover cap that helps to protect and keep your mouthpiece clean. The cap fits perfectly and is easy to store in the R40 for quick access when you need it. Our made-to-order WilsonsVapes hoodies are popular and offered in different colours and sizes to meet the demands of a wide variety of customers to ensure they are offered great choices of vape accessories – to which we add all the time.

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