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Elf’s Bar 600 is a disposable vape kit.  With a choice of 30+ flavours each containing 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid. Giving unto 600 puffs of vapour from its inbuilt auto draw system .

It is designed for new vapers as an easy route into vaping. Experienced vapers also use disposable kits as a backup device for easy vaping.

Small and compact build makes it the must have carry on device.

  1. No buttons
  2. No settings adjustment
  3. No spare coils or e-liquid.

Once it is empty simply replace it for a new one.!!!!!!!!! 

Elf Bar 600 Disposable Contents:

1 x ELF BAR 600 Disposable Vape Pen


Apple Peach – Crisp apples paired with sweet and juicy peach. | Banana ice – Pairs a smooth and creamy banana with a chilly ice finish. This is a great choice for vapers after a sweet fruit flavour. | Blueberry – Sweet and tart blueberries. | Blueberry Cranberry Cherry – A trio of juicy fruit flavours with sweet, sour and tangy notes throughout. | Blueberry Sour Raspberry – Freshly picked blueberries with a tangy raspberry twist. | Blue Razz Lemonade – Sweet Syrupy blue raspberry wrapped in zesty lemonade with a fizzy finish. | Cherry – Glossy red cherries to deliver a sweet yet tart taste. | Cherry Cola – A taste of fresh cherries drowned in fizzy cola for a sweet yet fruity flavour. | Coconut Melon – Blends tropical melon with slightly nutty coconut. Vapers who like exotic flavours will enjoy this. | Cola – A classic cola taste. | Cotton Candy Ice – Sugary sweet candy flow with an icy finish. | Cream Tobacco – Mixes an earthy and rich tobacco with creamy notes for a smooth draw. An ideal choice for any vaper who likes classic flavours. | Elf Berg – Mixed summer berries with a hint of menthol to give an icy throat hit. | Elfsuka – A medley of red berries with sweet and tangy notes is finished with menthol for a cool throat hit. | Energy Ice – An energising blast of sweet and sugary flavour straight out of the chiller. | Ginger Cola – A sweet and fizzy soda taste with a touch of spice which complements the cola flavour perfectly. | Grape – Juicy black grapes offering a sweet and delicious all-day-vape. | Green Gummy Bear – A sweet and slightly sour candy taste for distinctively zesty notes. | Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava – An exotic blend of refreshing kiwi, sweet passion fruit and guava. | Lemon Tart – A zesty base and delivers a blast of citrusy flavour with each puff. | Lychee Ice – Wraps tropical lychee in cold ice. This is an ideal flavour for those sunny | Mango – Mixes exotic mango with sweet notes. Simple, refreshing and great for any fruit vaper. | Mango Milk Ice – A ripe mango blended into a creamy milkshake with a refreshingly icy finish. This is a good choice for fans of milkshakes. | Peach Ice – An icy hit blended with sweet juicy peach. | Pineapple Peach Mango – A tropical sensation of pineapple, peach and mango. | Pink Lemonade – Sweet and fizzy lemonade with hints of strawberry and raspberry. | Spearmint – Throws you a classic, refreshing blast of minty flavour. Ideal for new vapers switching from menthol cigarettes. | Strawberry Banana – A classic smoothie flavour, ripe strawberries combined with sweet banana. | Strawberry Energy – A slightly sweeter strawberry flavour with sugary notes. | Strawberry Ice – Deliciously sweet strawberries wrapped in ice. | Strawberry Ice Cream – Sweet juicy strawberries swirled with cool, creamy ice cream. | Strawberry Kiwi – Ripe and juicy strawberries mixed with refreshing kiwi for a fruity blast of flavour. | Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice – A trilogy of fresh and juicy red fruits. Each layer offers sweet and tangy notes with every puff. | Watermelon – Sweet and juicy watermelon. | Watermelon Bubble Gum – A soft bubble gum taste with juicy tropical notes. | Watermelon Pomegranate – An exotic combination of juicy melons paired with slightly sour pomegranate.


Pod capacity – 2ml

E-liquid type – Nic salt

Nicotine strength – 2.0% (20mg)

Battery capacity – 550mAh

Total puffs – Up to 600

Product Features:

550mAh Power | Auto draw | 16 Flavours | 20mg Nic Salt


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