Wismec R80 Pod Kit Review

Versatility and portability join forces with this latest AIO pod system, but how does it perform?

Wismec have been inside the E – cigarette industry for quite some time now. 

A few years back they collaborated with designer Jaybo and released the hugely popular RX200 and RX300 mods. They were also responsible for the single 21700 RX2 as well as the RX2/3 that allowed the user to operate the device via two or three 18650 batteries depending on wattage requirements.

Although Wismec products are manufactured in China, the designs are always created in the US in order to give them a superior look and functionality.

Today we will be looking at one of their latest releases, the R80. It’s the older brother to the R40 and as the name suggests, now boasts a maximum of 80W fed by a single external 18650 battery.

I just mentioned their philosophy of a superior look and functionality. Let’s see if those words live up to the claims.

What Can We Expect From the Wismec R80 Pod Kit?

We can expect a device that is suited to the direct and semi direct lung vaper. The included coils very much indicate this as well as the rather copiously fixed airflow system.

Expect complete versatility with the version that includes the atomizer adaptor. This will allow the use of your own prefered tank set up. There will, of course be restrictions to coil resistances as dictated by the maximum ouput.


In The Box

R80 (18650 battery not included)

R80 cartridge (WV-M 0.3ohm coil pre installed)

WV01 single 0.8ohm coi

Atomizer adaptor

User Manual

Warranty card


There are two versions of the Wismec R80 Pod kit currently available.  There’s the non EU version which features a 4ml capacity pod or a TPD issue. (The one under review).

Wismec created the atomizer adaptor to provide the option of using a tank, sub ohm tank, rta or RDA with the device. Instead of the included pod. Nice touch, Wismec!

Again, there’s the option of purchasing a version either with or without the adaptor, although it is also available as a standalone product.

Size 116.2 x 32 x 31.5mm

Weight 111g

Battery type high rated 18650 cell (discharge current should be above 25A)

E liquid capacity 2ml/4ml

Coil resistances 0.3ohm mesh and 0.8ohm Nichrome coil

Maximum charging current 2A

Maximum output wattage 80W


The Wismec R80 Pod kit comes in five interesting colour themes. Classic Legend, Meteor Shower, Northern Lights, Ocean Star and Quantum World. 

The review model is Meteor Shower and the main zinc alloy body is gunmetal. There’s also the option of a steel finish if that’s your thing.

Each theme depicts something more of an image as opposed to the usual swirly, psychedlic colour schemes that have been doing the rounds of late.

Compatible with atomizers (tanks, sub ohm tanks, etc)

Type C USB charging

0.96in TFT colour display 

Battery cover rotating buckle for quick release

Replaceable coils with independant adjustable airflow control rings

Refillable pod cartridge 

The device offers multiple protection features including over charge, over discharge, over 10 second vape protection, short circuit, over current and temperature protection.

Design And Build Quality

Even with a single 18650 battery installed the Wismec R80 Pod kit is still lightweight. This helps to make up for its height. I measured it to be 115.2mm including the mouthpiece.

The width is in the region of 30mm and coupled with the triangle contours makes for a very easy grip.

The Battery Section

Some embossed Wismec branding runs along one side of the battery section and the gunmetal finish feels slick and clean, albeit something of a fingerprint magnet. There’s likely to be a contingent of vapers prone to constantly wiping it with a cloth.

On the underside of the device is the battery door. Lift the buckle and unscrew the cap counter clockwise to remove. Alternatively a coin slot has been thoughtfully included for those (like me!) with less patience.

As much as this firmly secures the battery (positive terminal directly under the pod) and there’s zero rattle, measuring a mere 20mm in circumference you won’t want to be losing it. It’s for this reason for better or worse I prefer hinged battery doors.

The Type C USB port can also be found here. That’s a bit of a strange design because the base of the battery section very much lends itself to vertical charging instead of having to place on its side. I guess it is what it is..

There are a series of dual fixed airflow slots located in the area the coils are positioned  within the pod. It’s just as well the Wismec coils have AFC rings built into their base because the ten 2mm slots are going to create an abundance of airflow, noise and potential turbulence during inhale. 

..We’ll know soon enough. 

The front panel houses the slightly raised, tactile and responsive fire button. Triangular in shape and highly reminiscent of a mini guitar plectrum. Further down is the menu select rocker which is also clicky and responsive.

There are three very strong magnets located inside the battery section that coincide with those found on the underside of the pod section. This makes for a very firm a ressuring “snap” when the two are married. I tested with the pod – it cannot be removed even with the most vigourous of shaking!

How To Operate The Wismec R80 Pod Kit

With a fully charged 18650 battery inserted:

Press the fire button rapidly five times to power the device on/off

Press the fire button rapidly three times to cycle through the three available colour schemes

While the device is switched off, press and hold the left and right rocker buttons to change display orientation

While the device is switched on, Press and hold the left and right rocker buttons to lock/unlock the wattage output

Adjust the power output by pressing the left or right rocker buttons

The wattage output can be adjusted much quicker by holding down either of the rocker buttons. Adjustments are made in 1W increment and it is not possible to round Robin the power output.

There’s mention of how to reset the puff counter in the instruction manual. Apparently pressing the left rocker button and fire simultaneously does the trick. Not so with my review model. Whether this is a glitch? Hard to know..

The Pod Section

The mouthpiece of the Wismec R80 Pod kit is integrated into the pod itself and the drip tip cannot be replaced with one of your own choosing.

The drip tip itself is extremely comfortable and much more organic in use when compared to the usual “duck bill” styles found on other pod systems.

The PCTG material is semi transparent but there’s not much of a viewing window on the 2ml TPD version.

Lifting the silicone stopper from the underside of the pod presents us with a 8.4mm fill port but bottle nozzles should still be no more than 3mm wide if you want to avoid any unnecessary spilling or leaking.

The silicone stopper is quite easy to work. That’s usually a big headache for me when reviewing pod systems. Just take added care when re inserting it because it can be a bit on the tricky side.

Overall it’s one of the better designed ones and is easy enough to prise out. Even for me! lol

How To Install The Coil

If inserted, lift the pod out of the battery section 

Make the relevant airflow adjustments to the AFC ring of the coil

Push the coil up into the main body of the pod ensuring a snug fit

How To Fill The Pod

Before you even attempt to fill the pod it’s best to prime the cotton of the coil before installing into the pod, plug and play style.

Carefully place a few drops of E liquid onto the cotton exposed areas of the coil. Allow the liquid to soak in

With the coil now installed, lift the stopper out of the pod

Carefully pour eliquid into the fill port taking care not to overfill

Replace the silicone stopper ensuring a snug seal

Pop the pod into the battery section of the Wismec R80 Pod kit

Now leave the E liquid to soak into the cotton for a good five minutes prior to vaping. Also make sure that you have the correct wattage parameters set on the device or you could be in for either a vapourless experience or worse still – a dry hit or burnt out coil!

Trust me! It can and does happen. Not that I would know! lol

How Does The Wismec R80 Pod Kit Perform?

0.3ohm WV -M Mesh Coil (Rated 25-40W)

Wilsonvapes Paul Wilson kindly provided a free E liquid for the purposes of reviewing this device. It’s My Vapors Mixed fruit, a 40VG/60PG mix with 3mg freebase nicotine.

It’s a ratio that is likely to be compatible with both of the included coils.

This vertical coil is made from Kanthal mesh. It weighs 4.4g and is 11.2mm in diameter, 18.7mm in height.

I began my test with the mimimum power recommendation of 25W with the airflow control ring on the coil fully open to see what kind of direct lung vape I got.

Some pretty good cloud production on the exhale but flavour quality was dull and muted at this setting. The vape itself was quiet with no turbulence. 

Stepping the power up to 35W and there was a difference to the flavour experienced. A little warmer, with the sweetness of the strawberry and raspberries prominent. Cloud production was much thicker with plenty of volume during exhale.

Reducing the airflow on the AFC ring to half way and remaining at 35W did little to improve the fruity profile. More worryingly I was now experiencing a plastic after taste. One that did subside after having filled the tank around 5 – 6 times. I guess you could call that “breaking the pod in”.

The flavour qualities refused to intensify under further restriction but they were still probably at their best. In general, I was recieving a satisfying and flavoursome vape.

Finally, I maxed out the coils power rating. At 40W it was possible to chain vape with no signs of dry hitting. In my opinion this is where the coil performs to its best ability. With airflow wide open.

Proving indeed that this coil is very well suited to a direct lung hit, albeit still marginally restrictive. 

0.8ohm WV01 Single Coil (Rated 12-20W)

Comprised of a single vertical nichrome wire, the diameter of the coil is 11.2mm and the height is 18.4mm. It weighs 5g for all those techy minded folk out there. 

The adjustable airflow rings and wicking ports aren’t as wide as the 0.3ohm mesh coil so here’s a coil that’s been designed with a mouth to lung vape in mind.

It’s pretty safe to assume that the best ratio to use will be that of a 50VG/50PG. For the purposes of testing I opted for 88vape Raspberry Ripple with 6mg freebase nicotine included.

With the AFC ring fully open I began with the minimum recommendation of 12W.

This presented me with an extremely loose MTL vape and while some flavour was able to escape it felt very uncomfortable vaping this way. A tight direct lung was possible but neither style seemed to work effectively for me. The vape was also very cool at this setting.

At 15W things began improving and it became possible to vape in the intended manner, albeit still quite loose. There was more warmth during exhale and the raspberry was beginning to pop.

A very good mouth to lung vape was achieved with a minimal amount of airflow on the AFC ring. The restriction now allowed some of the creaminess to push through and the flavour sub notes lingered pleasantly after the exhale.

I found the 20W setting with minimal airflow to be the sweet spot for me. Plenty of flavour and just the right amount of stealthy vapour was created. 

Again, this was a clean, smooth and quiet vape with no turbulence during the inhale.

Quite an impressive coil when the appropriate restrictions are met. Yes, it is possible to direct lung vape but there’s more cloud production and less flavour. Let’s face it! If you wan’t a DL vape the 0.3ohm mesh coil is your answer.

Using The Atomiser Adaptor

Installing the atomiser adaptor really couldn’t be any simpler. I have to give full kudos to Wismec for their idiot proof and no nonsense approach.

Simply remove the pod section from the battery and drop the adaptor into its place. This is where the strong magnets come into great effect.

From there it’s just a case of screwing down your prefered sub ohm tank, RDA, RTA, etc.

(Just pull on the tank to remove both from the battery if replacing with a pod)

I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the chip was able to read my coil resistance. Bang on 0.3ohm. Superb!

However, there was a significant difference in clout and ramp up time to my Ni80 coil was relatively poor.

In fact I noticed there was no difference in performance even when the Wismec R80 was pushing its maximum of 80W. 

The device almost appears to have a fixed maximum output when using the atomiser adaptor despite offering variable wattage. Maybe a safety feature but it certainly ruins the enjoyment of vaping on a favorite tank.

Cloud production was satisfactory but the flavours were dull and distant. 


The pod doesn’t leak

Bright, clear and easy to read colour screen display

Very responsive fire button

Fast chip set. Turning on/off is instantaneous


Possibility of losing battery/drip tip cap

Unable to reset puff counter (subjective con)

Inability to charge in a vertical position

Unable to view remaining juice levels – leading to the inevitable dry hit

Final Thoughts

The 0.3ohm WV -M mesh coil failed to give a true direct lung vape with airflow wide open. It’s more of a restrictive lung hit despite the generous fixed airflow arrangement of the device. I have to say that surprised me, but it also proved that the AFC ring of the coil was dictating airflow. 

The 0.8ohm WV -1 single kanthal coil will only provide the “classic” mouth to lung vape with maximum restrictions in place. Once that’s set it will provide an extremely satisfying vape with flavour quality especially good.

It’s impossible to see remaining juice levels while the pod is attached to the battery. I couldn’t really see the amount of juice left in the pod when removed either.

The design of the pod means the viewing window is wider and more shallow than “traditional” pods. There’s a heavy tint to the PCTG material which does little to help. Subsequently you are in constant fear of a dry hit – which I inevitably recieved on a few occasions.

The atomiser adaptor becomes more of a novelty and there’s little chance of emulating your prefered vaping style which is a shame. It almost feels like an afterthought by Wismec.

Personally, I don’t think the Wismec R80 Pod Kit needs the atomiser adaptor. It functions adequately enough without it and will give vapers the style of vaping they prefer without the need for reaching to another sub ohm tank or RTA.

The single 18650 battery will last for days under these power requirements. Also of great importance is the fact the coils don’t leak. 

One recommendation I would make is that you try and hunt down the 4ml pod because I was refilling the TPD version frequently, predominantly with the 0.3ohm mesh coil.

Other than that, the Wismec R80 Pod kit is a very solid and reliable bit of kit. One that should suit vapers old and new.

Final Score 



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